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Customized to Fit Your Needs

MSBC has always been a leader in the pet manufacturing industry, and our success is largely due to our technology. We control the speed and quality of production. From the initial design concept to distribution, everything is carried out in our factory. Skilled and experienced staff and equipment lead the trend. Each project is unique, and we will work with you to complete each step.

  • Concept Design

    Any design starts with an idea. From there, our experienced designers can take your vision and run with it. Our in-house structural design team brings exceptional expertise and impeccable standards to each project in order to craft unique design. If you want to design a custom cat toy for your products, our talented team provides a creative place to begin.

  • Design as Client Idea

    Once the concept has been designed, it’s time to begin bringing it to life. We offer visual prototype services that allow clients to see their customized products before we begin manufacturing. With full services, you can sign off on every idea of your unique products before finalizing the order. If you need to make any adjustments to your store, just let our designers know, and we’ll handle your requests promptly.

  • Sample Making

    MSBC provides advanced customization functions to create a fashionable and professional appearance. Our samples are completed internally, so we can maintain control over the project schedule and deliver your products when you need them.
    We use advanced technology to achieve the appearance and quality you expect. Our capabilities offer unique finishes and structural options. This stage of our process is particularly important for customers who integrate logos, iconic colors and other brands into customized products.Precision and vitality will represent the high quality of your products.

  • Manufacturing

    Once all samples have been approved and made, it’s time to manufacture your custom cardboard cat furniture. All manufacturing is done in the high quality control. Our machines are built to handle a range of cardboard materials, giving us unmatched control over both the cost and timeline of each project.

  • Delivery

    In order to provide the highest quality service in the industry, we are responsible for your product distribution. At the final stage of the process, our team assembles the product, packs it manually, and sends it to you by sea or air. We can distribute our products quickly and efficiently.