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D-F-005 Silicone ceramic dog bowl

D-F-005 Silicone ceramic dog bowl

The base is equipped with anti-skid rubber pad, and the ceramic bowl is stable without displacement

High temperature porcelain bowl, compact and smooth surface, easy to clean, reduce bacterial growth, not black chin

Silicone base and crimp design prevent food and water spillage and keep the floor clean

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  • Cooking rice with good friends will be more delicious.

    A large flat washbasin can also be used.

    Stable and non-slip without deviation.

  • Brand>Master and Child Best

    Name>Non-slip and Anti-spill Ceramic Bowl Set-M Size Double Bowls

    Color > Blue and White

    Weight > 960g


    Target User >Cats, Small Dogs


    Material>Ceramic, Silicone

    Use suggestion >Place on a stable area

    Origin >China

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